Gaudí dreams by Spaintacular

Sintonizart - artistic and technical creativity

Spaintacular & Sintonizart once again team up with excellent results. First at the Hotel W, the band created by Sintonizart "Luhema" entertained the evening with cool modern flamenco sounds laden with modern folklore. A flamenco dance show delighted the guests.
Afterwards, at the MNAC National Museum of Art of Catalonia, Sintonizart once again deployed its artistic range and technical capacity, demonstrating through sound, lighting and different performances and shows, its experience and know-how.

A humorous actor portraying Gaudí performed the role of MC and transported the audience in time and space with his enveloping imagination. "Spanish Passion", "Ciberflamenco" and the "Helium Show" added color, and excitement to the evening. The performances of the "Ball Man" and "Magic Lamps" transformed the dinner into a disco.

A two-day event in two emblematic spaces of Barcelona carried out by Spaintacular & Sintonizart, two companies who, year after year demonstrate that together, we are better.