Awards ceremony and gala dinner in hotel Abama, Tenerife

Sintonizart & Spaintacular once again successfully unite forces

We teamed up with Spaintacular again to organize an award ceremony in a unique location, with high-impact shows and a result that exceeded customer expectations. Hotel Abama hosted an awards ceremony and a spectacular gala dinner that surprised attendees with its staging and artistic content.

A leading company in the pharmaceutical sector organized an incentive trip for their top sales people. The top sellers were rewarded with a spectacular gala dinner and awards ceremony. The audience, made up of the company's best 250 vendors and their companions, totaled 500 people. The transformation of the hotel pool area into a stunning awards gala was outstanding.

The assembly of the transformative gala arena took place at night while the guests slept. Upon awakening the guests were surprised to see the remarkable conversion that had taken place overnight. During the gala, a series of performances transported the audience into an immersive experience full of wonder and brilliance.