Natural Dreams · Tenerife

Experiential event in the middle of a jungle

Sintonizart, in collaboration with Spaintacular, surprised their audience in Tenerife carrying out an artistic production involving more than 230 artists. Finca Punta del Lomo (a banana plantation over 100 years old), was the unique enclave in which the new theme created for the occasion took place: Natural Dreams.

The entire concept of the event, interactive entertainment and shows, revolved around nature with "tiki" connotations, a new theme that was expressed in every detail; music (designed by Kio Aubà), dance, entertainment, and special effects.
Attendees arrived to the plantation and were enveloped in a captivating and magical musical soundtrack. They then proceeded to take their seats at a massive imperial table set for 450 people. The table was interspersed numerous micro-stages adeptly designed by Spaintacular.

When the audience arrived, pairs of dancers moving in subtle and elegant choreographies kept the guests entranced.
To the surprise of the guests, a special show composed of 12 large butterflies appeared amongst the trees of the banana forest, creating a marvelous visual landscape and lighting effects with powerful pixel lasers.

The dinner came to an end with the appearance of a parade of performers characterized in the traditional Canary carnival style. These engetic dancers and percussionists circulated around the long imperial table. The response of the audience was overwhelming, some guests were even inspired to take to the stage and eventually everyone was up and dancing.
Once again, the symbiosis of Spaintacular and Sintonizart created a magical experience.