One of our best events in 2019 with Spaintacular

Artistic content that shines with excellence

Spaintacular once again enlisted the help of Sintonizart in the creation of artistic content for the riskiest event yet to be produced by Sintonizart.
Once more, Tenerife hosted an event that represented an unprecedented artistic and technical display. All the artistic contents depended on the interaction and complicity of the audience to create a truly 360 degree experience.

Sintonizart reached its highest level of excellence thanks to a careful, creative selection of artists, a casting that was based on choosing the best professionals in each area so that they could interpret a script adapted to an artistic and technological theme. All the details were taken care of, prioritizing the technical and artistic quality above all.

The result is reflected in this video. Thank you Spaintacular for counting on us. We look forward to continuing to grow and create together.