Five awards recognizing our efforts

Breaking the silence with a bit of good news

In November of 2019 Sintonizart orchestrated the entertainment for a series of stellar events in Tenerife that have recently won 2 award on a national level and 3 awards on an International platform. The events we co-produced with our partner, Spaintacular, have received numerous ADMEI achievement awards. ADMEI is the Association of Destination Management Executives International, a prestigious and accredited association dedicated to delivering extraordinary experiences with a local flair.

Given that our specialty is entertainment, we were delighted to see that the events in Tenerife won Best Entertainment. Sintonizart has always stood out from the crowd thanks to our innovative use of technology. We were privileged to work side by side on this event with a top-notch tech team and it is no surprise that, together, we won the award for Best Use of Technology at an event. In fact this was the highest scoring submission of all categories this year. Watch the video of the dances performed on top the dinner tables with mapping projections and you may understand why this submission was so technically spectacular!

And finally, as if these two prizes were not enough, our team won the prize for Best Event with a budget of $200,001 and up. One of the judges commented; “this was the most spectacular event I have ever seen. Every portion of it was at a great level of difficulty. Production and planning was intense, execution and experience was superb. I would have loved to have had a seat at that table. Excellent work!”

We are thankful that we had the opportunity to create such a magnificent event and look forward to outdoing ourselves again soon!