SECRET PARTY. A Sintonizart event experience

Idea, creation, artistic and technical production of an experiential event

An artistic production at the service of the public, aimed at the experience and the constant search for guest participation. A script that maintains tension, an artistic and technical production with the objective of entertaining, an interactive catering and a musical score made to measure.
The result? A corporate event for the company GIRA in which all the attendees played a starring role from beginning to end.

To achieve this, Sintonizart created an artistic display through characters such as The Whispering Woman or The Cocktail Table Lady. There was no lack of innovation and technology with the interactive ants that reacted to the movements of the public and carried part of the catering, and a mechanical butterfly that also reacted with sensors. A remote control table served the attendees in a different and fun way. In the musical aspect, the live melodies of a highly skilled violinist excited the listeners and served as a guiding soundtrack to everything that was happening.

Another main character of the night was the Molecular Girl who starred in the activity Catch your molecule, another innovative way of offering something different to the attendees, who could try molecules of various flavors.

A unique event that deserved to be remembered, and what better way to do it than with a gift. The Face Mapping activity was a big hit and all the attendees could take home a photograph of their face transformed, choosing between different looks. An app designed for the occasion allowed you to digitize it and turn it into a gift.

At an unbeatable location, El Palauet de Barcelona (Gracia), and with a special concept, "Secret Party", Sintonizart produced a unique and memorable event. A great mix of moments in Sintonizart style, once again, setting the pace for the latest trends in events in which the main characters are the guests thanks to artistic production as a motivating factor.
And this is Kio Aubà’s job as the company’s creative director, who is constantly researching and designing original artistic products to help attendees be fully immersed in all the events.