Fun Guaranteed at our two-day conference


Sintonizart deployed their creative skills in a two-day congress held at Barcelona’s famous Hotel W.

The first day was a carnival-themed fair with several exciting activities, all of which proved to be very popular. Sintonizart’s unlimited creativity transformed a single area into a traditional fair bursting with possibilities, entertainment and fun.

There was a magician, a fun and sensuous Brazilian dance act, golf, amusing hoop-throwing games, a mask-making workshop facilitated by our original Characterized Table Lady. Additionally there were popcorn and candy-floss stalls that sent out delicious smells all through the venue. Guests were also entertained by the talents of a silhouette artist and an iPad caricaturist, and some of the longest queues were for the numerologist.

The second day of the congress saw the gala dinner, with a James Bond casino theme. Sintonizart rolled out the red carpet, while three actors who played the thief, the glamorous heroine, and James Bond himself mingled with the guests during cocktails. To the surprise and delight of the audience, they performed a dramatic scene, and other actors joined in at the tables to add a touch of film magic to the casino games organized for the event.