Disco Ball Man steals the Ibiza Rocks House show at Pachá Ibiza


The Ibiza Rocks House parties at Hotel Pikes in San Antonio are a combination of magic and fantasy. The decor, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the music and the guest list which grows exponentially each year, transform Ibiza Rocks House into the island’s most unique party for lovers of great dance music.

Ibiza Rocks House is now moving to Pachá on Mondays, where there’ll be quality music and entertainment, including such great acts as Disco Ball man, a show that has travelled all over the world and will be lighting up Ibiza’s legendary club until October.

Disco ball man emerged in 1999 from the imagination of Sintonizart’s creative artistic director Kio Aubà. In 2000, he debuted at the MTV Ibiza Festival, and since then has been seen at all the best parties in Ibiza and around the world. Crowds in Russia, Africa and Europe have seen him trip the light fantastic on the dance floor, in a sparkling journey that shows no sign of slowing its pace.