Sintonizart performances shine at the opening of the new design and architecture studio GO.+ in Ibiz


A high-profile event, packed with glamour, elegance and smiles. A unique space on a magical island, Go.+ is a new concept in architecture using innovative materials.

On 22 July, Sintonizart was responsible for entertainment at the opening of a special location, bringing one of its star creative acts, La Mujer Mesa, to provide the perfect performance for the occasion. A number of elegant artists also welcomed and interacted with the guests.

Several decades of experience as an architect, interior designer and builder in America and Europe has given Gavriel Olivera (born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1965) the knowledge and practice he needed to launch Go+, a new concept for Ibizan architecture that has opened at 1, Calle Llaurador, on the Montecristo industrial estate between Eivissa and Sant Antoni.

There were plenty of famous faces at the event, including well-known pastry chef
Escribà and the Consul for Monaco. Photos of the celebrations were taken by Gael Farano, with music provided by DJ Jaime Fiorito, and catering by The Chef Ibiza

Once again Sintonizart, with its elegance, creativity and flexibility, produced a successful, original and innovative opening event.