Interview with Kio Aubà - gold award winner at Eventoplus 2015

Kio tells us of his award and experience at the eventoplus days fair

Kio Aubà, the founder and artistic director of Sintonizart, speak about how he enjoyed the Days fair and how he feels about winning two awards (gold and bronze) in the Best Effects and Performance category. A win that has put Sintonizart on the map…

What hopes did Sintonizart have for the Eventoplus awards this year?
We were feeling quite confident, because we really worked hard on our creative ideas to come up with innovative stage technology for the show that had never been presented before.

So how did you find the Days fair?
It was a great way to introduce Sintonizart to other national companies. We were able to share our projects and our creative solutions that bring new trends to the events world. The fair was an opportunity not only to share and promote our ideas and meet new clients, but also to see how we compare to other companies.

Apart from the interactive ants, did you take any other shows to the fair? We presented some new products, including our remote-controlled tables, which created a bit of a sensation in the audience. They circulated magically around the venue on their own, and interacted with the guests around them.

How did people react to your stand at the fair?
They were delighted to discover our products, and impressed by the high quality and our user-friendly content tools for events, which address individual needs and easily create content and entertainment for events.
Were you nervous at the award ceremony?
Of course, there were nearly 1800 people there, and being in such a famous place as Madrid’s Ventas bullring was an incredible experience, surrounded by all the best agencies in Spain with whom we share our day-to-day experience. 

Were you surprised to reach the finals with two shows in the same category?
It’s a historic moment for us, something that’s not easy to achieve, but it’s the result of a lot of hard work, dedication and passion for the world of event entertainment. We won two awards in the same category, Best Effects and Performance, which nobody has ever done before.

How do you feel knowing you’re the artistic company that has won the most Best Effects and Performance awards?
It’s the feeling that all the important work we put into constant research for new types of creativity and fusing the latest technological elements has paid off. We have to be really dedicated at maintaing a creative source of design and ideas that keeps advancing at a steady pace. You have to be passionate about creation and find new kinds of expression that can be perfectly integrated in the market. And it’s always about offering something never seen before in shows, performances, effects, musical, creative and digital effects that respond to the needs of event organizers.

How did you celebrate your win?
We organized a big celebration with our AKUIRIS show to share the award with all the artists and technicians who collaborated in the prize-winning event, held at Barcelona’s Maritime Museum.